Friday, March 20, 2009

UConn Preview - 2:35 Central Time - CBS

The Aggies take on the mighty UConn Huskies tomorrow in 2nd round action from Philadelphia. Attached you will find our full breakdown of the matchups in the game.

I show the Aggies losing a close game here, but I want the record to reflect that I certainly will not be surprised if the Aggies upset the Huskies. UConn is clearly the better team and it's really not even close. I just think that the Aggies present some interesting problems for UConn. The team that had the most success against Jim Calhoun's bunch this year was PItt behind their dominant big man and two really good guards. The Aggies have some bodies to throw at UConn on the defensive end and if they can manage to knock down a few shots they can certainly hang around and give themselves a shot. I think Roland for sure, and to a lesser extent any combination of Sloan/Harris/Holmes will be enough to keep the UConn perimeter players on edge for most of the game.

Jay Bilas (ESPN & CBS) who will be calling the game tomorrow has said through multiple media outlets this week that he thinks that Mark Turgeon's motion offense, which relies heavily on ball-screens will cause UConn some major problems. His basis for this is that Turgeon uses his big men to step out and set screens for the guards when they have the biscuit in their hands. Doing so will cause Hasheem Thabeet to have to step out of the lane, thus opening up more channels for the Aggies to seek a path to the basket.

One other thing to keep an eye on is that UConn basically has 6 guys that take up a great portion of their minutes/production. For the most part they have zero bench. The Aggies on the other hand have 7 guys that could start and then another 2 that can come off the bench and produce at a high level.

One final quote from Donald Sloan I want you guys to hear - I love reading these kinds of things in the paper:
"Well, you know, like coach said, we came here to win two. It's all fine and dandy that we do have one right now. But we won't lose our focus. Just to get one, that's not good enough. That's not what we came here for."

Anyway, take a look at the attached PDF for our full breakdown and score prediction.

It should be a heck of a game tomorrow - I hope you all can find time to watch. Wouldn't it be something if the Aggies can be the first team to send shockwaves through the bracket.

Beat The Hell Outta UConn.

Carry on.


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