Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BYU Preview - 11:30am CBS

OK - Attached is our preview of tomorrow's BYU game.

Do you have a score prediction? Let us know, post it as a comment on the blog.

Outside of the attached PDF file - I want to give you two thoughts.

1.) Why BYU will win:

BYU will beat the Aggies because the Cougars' top three players (Fredette, Cummard and Tavernari) are bettter than the Aggies' top three players (Carter, Sloan and Davis)

2.) Why Texas A&M will win:

Texas A&M will win because the Aggies' top 8 players (Carter, Sloan, Roland, Elonu, Davis, Harris, Holmes and Loubeau) are better than the Cougars' best 8 players.

BYU has no bench whatsoever and if the Aggies can force pressure on Fredette, Cummard and Tavernari it will be a good day for the Maroon and White.

I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!!

Here's to hoping we have some good things to say tomorrow after lunchtime.



At 3/19/2009 2:36 AM, Anonymous Joey said...

hmmmm.... both teams struggle to score in the 1st half and it remains close. Aggie depth shines in 2nd half and defensive pressure wears down BYU team.

Final: Aggies 64 Cougars 55


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