Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another quick note on Turgeon

First, I strongly encourage you guys to go watch the press conference and yell practice videos from today at http://www.aggieathletics.com/ - - you will undoubtedly be impressed with the way Coach Turgeon carries himself. The link to the videos are at the top of the page on the right side.

There are also a couple of quotes from Larry Brown, Danny Manning, and Roy Williams on aggieathletics that you might like....

After I took the time to watch both of the videos from today I am completely sold. I have no doubt this was the right guy for the job.

I also have no doubt that everyone on the team will be back and I will even go as far as to say, at this point, I would be very surprised if any of the recruits besides Victor Dubovitskiy do not make their way on to campus.

I know this note is a total sunshine pump and that I have on my maroon tinted glasses, but I went from "on the fence" this morning to "completely sold" this afternoon.

I know one of the biggest questions you guys had about Turgeon is with regards to what WSU did last year, no doubt it was disappointing, but I am not familiar enough with their team and what happened last year to even begin to try and explain it.

I would however turn that question around and ask you guys "What about the year before that?" I do know this much, you do not typically backdoor you way into the sweet 16.

I would also look at the improvement he made in the win column each of his first 6 years on the job at WSU. That is not easy at any school, but especially at a mid-major school like Wichita State. I also think one of the most telling things about what Turgeon was able to do in Wichita was that their 10,000+ seat arena was completely sold out last year with season tickets and they had 700+ people on a waiting list.

This is an exciting time for Aggie Basketball and I hope you guys are all able to get on board.

Carry on.


At 4/11/2007 2:36 PM, Anonymous cavey said...

The conferences are a must watch.

Random Observations
1) Gave Tons of Credit to Wichita State. (Maybe I didn't see the whole Kentucky conference)
2) Loves Football - Maybe he won't let A&M football get in the way of his ego (of course A&M football has trouble getting in the way of anything lately)
3) Mentioned he would do a little press and trapping - I like that
4) Says he adapts his playing style to the team - I hope that means he is not so stubborn he can't chage it up in games or against different opponents.
5) He broke down talking about his Wichita players
6) When he got to Witchita there were 50 students at the games, now he has a 600 person waiting list for season tickets
7) I respect that he did not hide his love for Kansas
8)Brent Z. needs to research a bit before asking stupid questions "did you ever play A&M when you were at Kansas?" how hard would that be to find out - especially when you cover Aggie sports?
9) I liked his job search philosophy - sounds like we got a guy who was happy where he was at, not a guy who wanted out
10) Yell leaders - BTHO UK? Seriously? When you are introducing the new Coach?
11) Watching the PA announcer is strange. Should be behind the curtain...
12) He brought his family - including his parents and kids.
13) Did Byrne say that "Kirk stands in your jock"?
14) Coach's job is to prepare kids for the real world
15) I'm in.
16) hopefully DJ is too.


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