Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tech Recap

Well, that was pretty terrible.

I am not entirely sure what to say today other than to point out the obvious; the Aggies absolutely got whipped last night in Lubbock. You have to go back to a 40-75 loss in Austin to Texas on February 16th 2005 to find a game where the Aggies got licked as bad as they did last night.

The final score of 68-53 was way closer than the game actually was and if you did not get to watch, the 15 point differential does not tell the whole story. The Aggies scored 11 of the game’s final 13 points in order to get it back to within 15 points after falling behind by as many as 24 points late in the second half.

What gets me even more is that Texas Tech simply continues to own the Aggies (and not just in basketball) as they have won their third straight game over A&M on the hardwood. Bob Knight had his guys ready to play last night and after going big with his lineup and getting physical with Turgeon’s group, I just hope that Coach Knight has not shown the rest of the league how to beat the Aggies. I am hopeful that last night was more of an anomaly than anything else, but only time will tell.

Just to go ahead and pour some salt on it, let me point out a few more of the lowlights from last night:

- The Aggies made only 18 field goals on 53 attempts, a season low 34%.
- The Aggies only made 5 of their 18 three point attempts, 27.8%
- 20 turnovers, a season high.
- 8 assists, a season low.
- The 18 field goals were also a season low.
- They only made 12 of their 21 free-throw attempts, not a season low, but 57.1% is still pretty bad.
- 24 personal fouls, not a season high, but still well above their average of 15.9 per game.

I think Turgeon summed it up quite nicely when after the game he said, “We were peeing down our legs out there, dribbling off our knees, couldn't make a lay-up. Some of our shots were going up crooked”

Well put coach.

I would suspect that Saturday afternoon can not get here quick enough for the Aggies as they must be itching to get back on the court.

The Aggies will return to action on Saturday afternoon at 3:00 when they take on super-freshman Michael Beasley and the Kansas State Wildcats. The game will be telecast nationally on ESPN.

The best thing about basketball season is that there is always another game 3 days down the road. Furthermore, one-loss in the grand scheme of things is not going to make or break the season. There is still a ton of basketball left and I hope that what happened last night in Lubbock will not discourage you guys just yet. Let’s see what happens in Manhattan on Saturday and go from there.

Carry on.


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