Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ESPN.com 2006-07 June Top 25 - Andy Katz

Well - I guess all we can hope for now is that these pre-season expectations don't disappoint like the 1995 or 2005 football seasons did.

Thanks again to Beau for the link.


10. Texas A&M (22-9)
• Acie Law and Joseph Jones return, giving the Aggies second-best 1-2 punch in the Big 12
• Billy Gillispie. He's another golden boy who doesn't seem to do wrong. Gillispie's hard-work ethic always seems to carry over to his players. He lost two assistants not because he's hard to work for but rather because the Aggies are playing so well, the assistants have been gobbled up.
• Freshman Bryan Davis gives the Aggies a much-needed boost in the post.

Also - For those of you who missed it - The two assistants Katz is referring to are Steve Forbes left for a similar job at Tennessee and Buzz Williams left to be the head coach at the University of New Orleans. Losing Williams will be a bigger deal than Forbes. Williams was a heck of a recruiter and was the lead guy helping to land Beasley, Davis, Roland, and Sloan from last year's class.


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