Thursday, February 09, 2006

Huge Win!! - Colorado

The theme of last nights game most probably can be best described as "DESPITE".

The boys in white & maroon found a way to win DESPITE a tiny crowd of only 6,876.

They found a way to get a win DESPITE Joseph Jones only having 8 points and making only 2 field goals (both in the first 2:12 of the game).

They secured a huge win DESPITE "Stitches" (Chris Walker) being their best 3 point shooter (including hitting 2 crucial 3's late in the game - he had 3 total).

They won DESPITE giving up a 40-17 run to CU (up 13-0 to down 40-30).

The good guys won DESPITE missing the front end of 4 one-and-ones.

Protecting the home court DESPITE getting outrebounded 32-25 by CU.

Getting a win DESPITE going 8:03 without a point in the first half.

All-in-all this was a huge win for A&M and it got this crucial week off to a great start. In-fact, this is probably their biggest (not best, and probably ugliest) win of the year and sets up a big momentum game vs. OSU on Saturday at Reed (2:30 - ABC Regional - White Out).

In addition to what we mentioned above, the Aggies played much better on the defensive end against a pretty good Colorado team. They forced CU into 24 turnovers, easily the highest number yet for the Aggies in Big XII play.

Furthermore, they were able to convert those 24 turnovers into 31 points. In my opinion, the turnovers and their aggressive defense are the only reason they were able to hang around and ultimately get the W.

The end of the game was very bizarre.

A&M was up 59-58 and CU had the ball with 8 seconds left. Richard Roby (more on him in a second) was fouled by Dominique Kirk with 1.6 seconds left (a weak bump call you expect to not be called at home). They called it on the floor and not the shot, which was questionable at best, and Roby went to the line to shoot one-and-one. He missed the free throw and Martellus grabbed the rebound (great sub coach! -#2 was brought in for that reason) and the buzzer sounded.

The dance team was out on the floor doing their thing, the teams were shaking hands, media guys were out snapping pictures, fans were leaving, then the announcer starts yelling "Leave the floor immediately! Clear the floor! Leave the floor immediately!".

Apparently they called a foul on CU with 0.5 seconds left when Martellus grabbed the board.

Martellus went to the line for 2 shots. He made the first and tried to miss the second intentionally. In trying to miss the second, he banked it in pretty hard off the glass putting the final margin at 61-58.

CU missed a half court shot at the buzzer and people that had A&M -2.5 celebrated!!!

Richard Roby is REALLY good. He is the 2nd best player I've seen this year at Reed behind Kansas' Brandon Rush. Roby will for sure be a guy you will see in "the league" one day (hopefully next year).

Speaking of, why do they call it "the league" when American professional basketball is played under the National Basketball Association?

Very well then, Roby is a guy you will see playing in "the association" one day.

Some quick hits:
- Richard Roby is Kenyon Martin's half brother - not sure if they share a mom or a dad, but someone has some great hoops genetics in them.

- Acie Law played a solid game yesterday netting 19 points. He didn't shoot it all that well going 7 of 17, but played pretty well on both ends.

- The regular starters (Kirk/Law/Jones/Walker/Pompey) played 171 of the 200 minutes, all 30+ minutes.

- Dominique Kirk led the Aggies in rebounds with 8.

- Martellus played 4 minutes last night. Coach Gillispie said after the game "Martellus is really coming on right now, he's becoming a force on this team, he is easily playing his best basketball right now." Martellus played 4 minutes last night.

Pompey Foul Update - The streak is over! Marlon only had 3 fouls last night DESPITE playing a robust 34 minutes.

Bizarre Rotation of the Game - Eddie Smith, hello, Eddie, are you home? Are you there Eddie? Mr. Smith played 0 minutes last night.

Bizarre Stat(s) of the Game - The Aggies were 2-11 (18.2%) from behind the arc in the 1st half. 12 of Colorado's 19 FG's were threes.

Looking Ahead

OK - We said they had two MUST WIN games at home this week. They are half way there.

The good guys welcome the Cowboys from Stillwater to Reed on Saturday in a huge payback game (I still can't believe they lost that game in Stillwater).

OSU lost to OU in Stillwater last night by a score of 73-65 despite trailing by as many as 15 with 5 minutes left to play.

Eddie Sutton was none too pleased with his team last night:
- "We are not as tough as the teams in the past that I have had here. I'm talking about not only physical toughness, I'm talking about mentally tough. I've told these guys all year long, this is the softest team in 16 years that I have ever coached. I just don't think this team has the same passion for the game as teams I've coached before."

Personally, I don't like hearing that crap right before they come to College Station. Coach, please don't set this up as a rally game for your guys, just let them continue to suck for one more game.


Hopefully Reed will be packed on Saturday and the Aggies can get the 2nd of their "must win" games at home this week. Next week they have their mid-week bye before traveling to Baylor on Saturday the 18th.

Big 12 Standings
Texas 8-1
Kansas 7-2
Oklahoma 6-3
Colorado 5-4
Nebraska 5-4
Kansas State 4-5
Iowa State 4-5
Texas Tech 4-5
Texas A&M 4-6
Oklahoma State 3-6
Missouri 3-7
Baylor 2-7

As you were.


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